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How to build a DragonBoard 410C Drone – Simple Step by Step

Gadget Guru, Keith Lee shows you how to get an DragonBoard Drone airborne on Open Hours @96Boards.

See the parts below. Click here for the step by step and youtube flight video

Dragonboard 410C DRONE - Ready to build

You know you work somewhere cool when you can assemble a drone from hardware lying around the office,Keith Lee, Gadget Guru

Tutorial: Gumstix Powered Astromech Droid

Build your own Gumstix Powered Astromech Droid with the AeroCore 2 + COM and iRobot Create 2


This tutorial will be a new way to control an iRobot Create 2 with Gumstix products, featuring the Gumstix AeroCore 2 for Overo. We’ll control the iRobot Create 2 with a Sony DualShock 4 controller connected to an Ubuntu desktop machine. The Ubuntu machine will forward a command stream to the Overo + AeroCore 2 over a WiFi network, or the Overo in Access Point mode. The Overo will stream a live video feed from the Logitech C920 webcam back to the Ubuntu machine. All the components fit nicely in the stock dust bin, or 3D printed one from the first iRobot Create 2 Tutorial.
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Tutorial: Controlling the Kobuki Robot with Gumstix

An ROS tutorial using a Gumstix Overo COM and a Tobi expansion board

The Yujin iClebo Kobuki robot is a two wheeled differential drive robot base designed for education and research. The Kobuki sports a 351.5mm wide circular body, several power connectors, expansion pins, buttons and LED’s in the rear, a large bumper with three switches in the front, and high resolution wheel encoders for odometry measurements. Yujin has graciously released a number of open source drivers and packages for the Kobuki robot, tailored for both the Robot Operating System (ROS) and standalone operation.

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Tutorial: Laser Mapping with a Neato XV Signature Robot Vacuum

Control a Neato using a Gumstix COM and a Tobi Expansion Board

This article demonstrates controlling a Neato XV Signature robot vacuum with a Gumstix Overo COM on a Tobi expansion board in a similar way to how a Gumstix COM was used to control an iRobot Create 2. The COM runs a Yocto built image with the meta-ros layer baked in and publishes laser scan data to a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 with ROS Indigo. The laptop takes this data and generates a map of the Neato’s surroundings in real time. The laptop also sends motor commands to the Neato.

The Neato XV Signature Robot Vacuum outfitted with Gumstix Hardware
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Tutorial: Part 5 – Gumstix on the iRobot Create 2

In this final instalment of the tutorial, we’ll explore going further with robotics on the iRobot Create 2.

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