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Gumstix Scholar Center

Gumstix Scholar Center

As a leader in hardware design and manufacturing solutions, Gumstix is honored to support over 2,000 research projects in universities and labs around the globe.

Whether it be swarming drones, machine learning applications or your next Raspberry Pi project, Gumstix helps academics and educators carry out their research endeavors. Discover how Gumstix can help your project and explore Gumstix scholar projects below.

Featured Scholar Article

"We chose the Gumstix Overo Air because it had a small form-factor, wireless connectivity, and flexible data storage."

- Dr. Levi Hargrove, phD

Gumstix helps Dr. Levi Hargrove, director of Neural Engineering for Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's (RIC) Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory, along with scientists from Vanderbilt University, build thought-controlled bionic legs. Learn more about RIC and Gumstix with a 2015 article published in MDT.

Learn how Gumstix products support research and innovation

Machine Learning

Gumstix specializes in tiny but powerful computer-on-modules (COM) with Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth and full installations of either Yocto Linux or Android. This means that developers can bring state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning and data mining algorithms programmed in either Python or R to even their most compact embedded projects.

Examples of Gumstix boards supporting both Android and Linux

Popular Python resources

  • Machine Learning Library : an interactive object oriented framework for machine learning written in Python
  • Bayesian Stochastic Modelling : a python module that implements Bayesian statistical models and fitting algorithms
  • SciKit : toolsfor data mining and data analysis
  • PyBrain : a modular Machine Learning Library for Python that offers algorithms for Machine Learning Tasks

Other resources

  • maintains a list of machine learning resources for R
  • hosts academic lectures on machine learning and data mining
  • Tensor Flow is Google's open-source library for machine learning


Swarming algorithms provide researchers with a 'bottom-up' approach to solving difficult problems in complex and isolated environments.

Gumstix provides researches with compact and computationally powerful embedded devices for constructing many devices that can coordinate with WiFi or Bluetooth.

Overo Airstorm expansion board


An especially well-suited computer-on-module for swarming research projects:
  • Bluetooth wireless communications with Access Point mode
  • Low power consumption, 1GB flash memory
  • Small and light form
AeroCore for DuoVero and Overo


A MAV control expansion board for DuoVero and Overo, featuring:
  • A Cortex-M4 processor
  • NuttX RTOS designed for UAVs
  • AeroCore-250 for Overo offers a more compact option.

Learn more about UAVs, MAV boards and intelligent swarming at the Gumstix Blog.

Check out the Ad-Hoc Flying Networks Project at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.


Robotics and servos is a Gumstix speciality. Our products have been used by the aeronautical industry, for military applications and even for satellites!

Case Study: The Hekateros Arm

Hekateros Arm for Road Narrows
The Hekateros Arm for Road Narrows Robotics

As one of our robotics applications, Gumstix developed a robust mechanical arm for research institutions and the light industry. Off-the-shelf components kept prices low, and we utilized the Overo FireSTORM COM to fulfill heavy processing requirements.

Gumstix and the iRobot Create 2

Check out examples of how to use the programmable iRobot Create 2 with Gumstix's in-depth tutorials.

Overo series expansion boards for robotics applications

Robovero expansion board

The ROBOVERO fully supports the Python programming environment. More information can be found here.

Turtlecore expansion board

An expansion board for use with the iRobot Create 2. Sends power to an Overo COM.

Gumstix's kits for robotics and autonomous projects:

Environmental Sensors

Whether it be for geolocation projects, UAVs, autonomous robots, scientific instruments or other kinds of digital information acquisition and retrieval, Gumstix provides inexpensive and tiny devices for your measurement needs.

The Pre-Go receivers with u-blox NEO 7P GPS/GLONASS, including support for RTK, range in price from $39 to $79.

Cameras: Gumstix Caspa Cameras provide compact and reliable solutions for your digital video needs.

Audio & Video: Gumstix makes computer-on-modules with audio and video production in mind.

  • The Overo IRONSTORM-Y has a DaVinci Digital Video processor for graphics along with support for OpenGL

Many of our expansion boards also include SPI headers:

LCDs: Gumstix provides a series of capacitive and resistive LCD screens with touch screens from Newhaven Displays.

WiFi / Bluetooth: Many Gumstix computer-on-modules and expansion boards include support for WiFi with access point mode and Bluetooth, like the Overo FIRESTORM-Y.

Medical Devices

Gumstix offers low-powered, compact and powerful computer-on-modules with full installations of Linux.

  • See how Gumstix supported UCLA's Wireless medical team to build the Abstats System.
  • Learn about how the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago used Gumstix COMs to build bionic legs.

For hand-held medical projects, check out the Poblano single board computer and multimedia enabled expansion boards, like the Arbor 70C, for Gumstix Overo COMs.

Support for Third Party Computer-on-Modules

Gumstix is committed to providing researchers and educators custom built small form factor boards for third party vendors, like Raspberry Pi, Toradex, Critical Link and BeagleBone. Researchers can either design, build and order their custom-built boards in Geppetto that are specifically tailored to their audio, video, communications and hardware connection needs. Or, they can simply order one of the pre-built boards below built by Gumstix engineers.

Raspberry Pi

Offering computer-on-modules (COM) for as little as $5, Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular COM vendors.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is a Raspberry Pi in a flexible form factor, suited for industrial applications. Gumstix leverages the Module in several ways:

Developers can take full advantage of the Module with the Dev Board, designed in Geppetto by Gumstix engineers, that comes with a DSI and CSI2 connector along with an HDMI port.
Alternatively, developers can design their own expansion board, utilizing the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, in Gumstix's Design-to-Order tool.

For other premade boards, you may like to check out the Gumstix Pi Compute FastFlash and the Gumstix Pi Compute USB-Ethernet board.

Toradex and Critical Link

In partnership with Toradex and Critical Link, Gumstix offers expansion boards for the following COMs:

  • Toradex's Colibri i.M6X: An expansion board with a full-featured development platform
  • Critical Link's MitySOM-335x: With the I/O needed to get your integrated system or multimedia mini-PC running

As well as development kits:

  • Colibri Kit: A hardware and software package that comes with both the Colibri i.MX6 COM and the Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Development Board.
  • MitySOM Kit: Containing the Gumstix MitySOM-335x Development Board, along with essential components such as a USB microB cable, 5V Power Adapter, and pre-configured microSD card with Yocto Linux.


Gumstix offers two capes for the Beaglebone Black COM:

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