Supported Software

Below is a summary of the software that we support for Gumstix COMs. If you want to download related software for a specific board or product, please visit their respective product pages at our online store.

Overo Series COMs DuoVero Series COMs Pepper SBC and AM3354 Processors
Factory Weekly Factory Weekly Factory Weekly
Master Dev Master Dev Master Dev

* The Android factory image is stable, but some features (such as WiFi and Bluetooth support) are currently still in development.

Build Information

Software Downloads

Yocto Project




Bitbake and Yocto Project

Gumstix publishes several different pre-built images as well as kernel and bootloader binaries. It is also possible to build these binaries using bitbake by setting up the Yocto Project build environment. Developers who are familiar with the OpenEmbedded build system will find a lot in common between the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded, because the Yocto Project uses some of OpenEmbedded elements while improving build environment in multiple aspects.

The Yocto Project build system consists of a collection of BitBake "recipes". These recipes contain the source URL of the package, dependencies, and compile and install options. It uses the information in these recipes to track dependencies, cross-compile the package, and create binary packages. It will also create complete images including boot loaders, kernel, and root file system. As a first step the framework will build a cross-compiler toolchain for the target platform.

For more detailed information, read the Yocto Project Quick Start and BitBake user guides.