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  1. Hardware Setup
  2. Get an Image
  3. Create Bootable MicroSD Card
  4. Boot Your System

With the image that you got in the last step, you are ready to create a microSD card with which to boot your Gumstix system.

Supported microSD Cards

Gumstix DuoVero COMs and Overo COMs support SD cards that comply with the SD Association's SD I/O Card Specification version 2.0, including SDHC cards.

Note: In general, your microSD card must have a capacity of least 2.0 GB in order to flash an image.

Prepare Your microSD Card

  1. Download the mk2partsd script from Gumstix' repository.
  2. Run the script with the block device name as the argument. This command will erase any information on your microSD card.
    $ sudo ./mk2partsd <device name>

    E.g., If your microSD card is /dev/sdb:

    $ sudo ./mk2partsd /dev/sdb

    If you do not know your device's name, you can use the dmesg command after inserting the card.

Write the images to microSD

Find the Gumstix product line you are using.

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