Upverter Design to Order Service
Designed in Upverter by Gumstix: Pi Compute Module Dev Board

Upverter makes it easy to design and order a custom device. Just drag, drop, and connect any of the modules in our library to get the functionality you need for your board. When you're ready to go to production, we'll handle the PCB fabrication, routing, testing, and component sourcing. You'll receive a fully functioning board that boots out of the box--no engineering required from you.

Steps to Order

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your board is all green.
  2. In the Upverter application, click on the Validate button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Click on the link that should redirect you to the product page of your board on our Store.
  4. Now, you may proceed in ordering the board by following the steps for Ordering Online or Requesting A Quote depending on what you need.

* Please note: As a good practice, our engineers would prefer to review boards before you place an order. If you would like us to review your board, please send an email to sales@gumstix.com with the subject, “Upverter Design Review”. Kindly include in your email the design title and email address you used in Upverter.


When creating a Upverter custom board, these are the costs involved:

  1. The cost of your board. This is how much each board is going to cost every time you order that board.
  2. A manufacturing fee. This fee varies, and depends on whether you have ordered a new design, a repeat of an existing design, the first in a production design, or a repeat in a production design.
    • For your first order, on a new design, the initial manufacturing fee is $1,999. This covers setup costs for fab design, stencils, and SMT programming.
    • On repeat orders for a design that has been built before, the repeat manufacturing fee is $999. Repeat manufacturing setup fees apply to reorders requiring no change to the PCB fab.
    • On orders going to production, the initial production fee is $499.

    Orders in production are subject to a minimum of 51 units, and have no manufacturing setup fee.

Lead Time

Leadtimes do depend on market conditions and component availability. If you have any lead time questions, please contact sales.modular@upverter.com