Geppetto D2O’s new level of customization earns 2015 Best of Custom Design

November 30, 2015 | Uthra Krishnan

And the award goes to … Geppetto D2O!

Geppetto Design-To-Order (D2O) is being honored as the 2015 Best of Custom Design by Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor at Electronic Design (ED) for its expansion in support for third party platforms such as the BeagleBone Black and stand alone microcontrollers in addition to Gumstix COM modules. Impressing ED and making Geppetto the ultimate winner were other features such as the need for no routing – that part of the PCB is automatic and hidden from the designer. The logical linking between chips and connectors and only working connections are given the green light”, insuring error free designs. Rapid design and board delivery top the cake. Geppetto users can create a board design within an afternoon and manufacture production ready boards within three weeks.

The icing on our cake is Gumstix’ plans to add more platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and 96 Boards as well as 100+ more modules into the Geppetto module library throughout 2016. Read more

The AeroCore 250 MAV Board for Overo COMs

November 13, 2015 | Uthra Krishnan

Aerocore 250

Joining the AeroCore 2 family is the new AeroCore 250 MAV board for Overo COMs.

Like its cousin, the AeroCore 2 for Overo, the AeroCore 250 was designed as a drone autopilot to be coupled with a Pre-GO PPP series GPS board. It has many of the functions found on its cousin, such as WiFi/Bluetooth, a 3-axis gyroscope, USB console port, and a Cortex M4 microcontroller that runs NuttX real-time OS. However, the AeroCore 250 has four PWMs, ideally suited for quadcopters of size 250mm x 250mm, motor to motor.

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Gumstix Guide to GPS Modules

November 9, 2015 | Uthra Krishnan

GPS Module Considerations

Deciding which GPS module to use can be difficult. Thanks to the latest technology, GPS modules are getting smaller, more light weight, more inexpensive and easier to use. But how do you decide which GPS module will work best for your application? What factors do you need to consider before you choose a module?
GPS Satellite over Earth

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Gumstix announces addition of 3rd Party Custom Boards

November 3, 2015 | Raj Gopalan

We are happy to announce the addition of 3rd Party Custom Boards – BeagleBone, Critical Link, Diva and more in Geppetto™ Design-To-Order System.

Geppetto encompasses the entire process of design, supply chain integration, and manufacturing automation in one intuitive online design-to-order platform. Custom expansion boards can be designed in minutes and shipped production ready in 15 business days with no minimum order.

The addition of third-party computing options to Geppetto allows you to prototype with a supported COM of choice and design a custom expansion board from the ground up. Alternatively, you can modify an existing board by easily adding features such as WiFi, audio, LCDs, sensors, global navigation (GPS) chips, or USB connectivity.

Creating a custom device is quick and cost-effective, and the process allows you to focus on how to distinguish your software instead of board layouts. Designers managing large-scale development of thousands of boards, or one-off projects that are used for quick prototyping can utilize Geppetto D2O.

For more details, read the Geppetto press release.