Give Your Maker Project Direction with a Pre-Go Device

March 24, 2016 | Karen Schultz

Precision Geolocation Modules on Sale, from $39 to $79

Gumstix is excited to announce a sale on four Precision Geolocation (Pre-Go) modules. Light, compact and capable of operating under extreme conditions, the Pre-Go series by Gumstix provides hobbyists and developers an ideal solution for maker drone and quadcopter projects that require geolocation capabilities. Each Pre-Go device is powered by the u-blox NEO 7M GNSS receiver for GPS services, including a crystal internal oscillator.

The basic Pre-GO supports a UART connection and costs only $46. In addition, you can also buy a Pre-GO with a SMA connector for only $39.


The Pre-GO (Precision Geolocation) powered by the u-blox NEO 7P GPS/GLONASS receiver with SMA connector for an external antenna (not included).

In addition, two Pre-Go devices are on sale that include precise point positioning: the Pre-GO PPP, only $79, and the Pre-Go PPP with an SMA connector, only $69. The Pre-GO PPP also supports open-source Real Time Kinematics (RTKlib). The Pre-Go devices over a low-cost solution to similar products, like Swift Navigation’s Kickstarter-funded product, the Piksi. The Piksi, a high performance GPS receiver with RTK functionality for centimeter level accuracy in positioning with a 53×53 mm footprint, will set a user back $495.

All four of the Pre-Go devices can also be easily integrated into Gumstix Boards, including Gumstix boards designed in Geppetto D2O. For example, Gumstix has recently released the Gumstix Pi Dev Board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and Keith Lee, Gumstix’s in-house technical guru, has discussed how to support the Pre-Go PPP with the Pi Compute, find out more here. An external antenna for the SMA connector is not included.