New Geppetto Feature: Disconnect Widget

March 27, 2018 | Jesse Ludtke

Last month, we released three new features in Geppetto. This month our team is focused on making a Disconnect Widget.

What is it?

When using Geppetto, there will be times that a provider will not have enough capacity to satisfy the signal you need. Previously, you won’t know where things are connected so it’s a challenge to find what to disconnect to move forward with your design.

The disconnect widget will display all the connections of the signal you want to use.

How to use the Disconnect Widget?

Below is an example on where the Disconnect Widget is useful.

I have a Gumstix Pi Conduit PoE design open in Geppetto.

Gumstix Pi Conduit PoE design in Geppetto

I want to add WiFi capabilities on my board so I add a TI WiLink8 module. Then, we connect all the required signal. We will pick the signals with Tux (penguin) because those are the tested, verified, and recommended connections of our engineers so when it’s available be sure to use that one.

Required Signal Module Provider
1.8V Drag a 1.8V/0.6A Regulator and connect the signal
3.3V 3.3V of the 3.3V/1.5A Regulator
BT_ENABLE GPIO4 of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Connector
SDIO SDIO1 of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Connector
UART_4W Please see below
WLAN_ENABLE Please see below
WLAN_IRQ GPIO6 of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Connector


As you can see, we want to connect UART_4W to UART0_4W of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Connector but it’s unable to provide. Previously, you had to find where UART0_4W is connected to manually by checking all require signal and finding the right one.

Now, you just click the provider flag and the disconnect widget will appear. It will display all the connections of that signal and you can select which one you want to disconnect.

After you click Disconnect, click the UART_4W in the TI WiLink8 again and connect it to the now available UART0_4W.

Do the same for the WLAN_ENABLE.

Now my Gumstix Pi Conduit PoE design includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

What do you think of this new feature? If you have any feedback or feature request, kindly send a message to

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