Geppetto Limited Offer: 2 Designs for 1 Manufacturing Fee

September 10, 2018 | Jesse Ludtke

We are giving you an opportunity to prototype 2 designs for 1 manufacturing fee.

Yes, that’s right, you can order 2 different designs for only $1999 and with the same lead time of 15 business days.

Why are we doing this?

Simple, we want to help you get to market as fast as possible. We know how expensive and time consuming it is to compare which COM or processor you want OR confirm which components meet your requirements exactly. We want to help YOU do these things better, faster.


  • Build 2 Geppetto boards for a single manufacturing fee of $1,999.00.
  • Designs must be ordered at same time in one order.
  • Each design requires a minimum order of five units.
  • Use the discount code Geppetto2for1 at checkout to activate the offer.
  • For a repeat order, standard setup fee will apply. See Geppetto Orders page.
  • Offer valid until December 31, 2018.

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I urge you to maximize this limited offer! This is our way of communicating to the world that Geppetto is not another online CAD tool. It’s MUCH more than that. Geppetto is here to make sure you get a custom board (not just PCB) you can work with in 15 business days.

Too good to be true? Read Bruce’s Story.

Geppetto is our free online design tool that allows you to create a custom hardware design. Moreover, we handle everything, from sourcing of parts to production, to ensuring that your board boots out of the box. We take care of production while you focus on your software or application. We will deliver your pre-tested, fully assembled boards (not just PCB) after 15 business days.