Drone Video featuring AeroCore 2 for Dragonboard

July 27, 2016 | Karen Schultz

Keith Lee, the Gumstix Guru, has just put out this drone video about the Gumstix AeroCore2 expansion board for the Dragonboard 410C. One reason for all the excitement about the AeroCore 2 for the Dragonboard is that the expansion board supports NimbeLink’s Skywire LTE modem.

Hardware Design Streamlined for Biosensor Medical Device

February 10, 2016 | Karen Schultz

Energy efficient embedded computer developed in Geppetto D20 reduces cost and improves path to remote diagnostic care. For medical researchers and developers designing tomorrow’s wearable health sensors and instruments, off-the-self form-factor boards more often complicate product design process rather than simplify it.

Controlled Bionic Leg Becomes a Reality with Gumstix COMs

January 5, 2016 | Karen Schultz

Small form factor computing eliminates surgery The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has developed the first neural-controlled bionic leg, using no nerve redirection surgery or implanted sensors. The Gumstix Overo Computer-on-Module technology powers this medical breakthrough by providing the computing power that helps drive the leg’s motorized knee and ankle, with control enabled by the […].