Drone Video featuring AeroCore 2 for Dragonboard

July 27, 2016 | Karen Schultz

Keith Lee, the Gumstix Guru, has just put out this drone video about the Gumstix AeroCore2 expansion board for the Dragonboard 410C.

AeroCore 2 for DragonBoard 410C board featured in the drone video

One reason for all the excitement about the AeroCore 2 for the Dragonboard is that the expansion board supports NimbeLink’s Skywire LTE modem. You can now take all of your UAV and drone projects cellular. This means makers can use open source software like openLTE to transfer their sensor and video/audio data between their drones and an external source, like a laptop or cellular tower.

But don’t take my word for it.

Watch Drone Video demo

Check out Keith’s video featuring a drone powered by AeroCore 2 Dragonboard 410 and overview of the boards features.

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