11 LoRaWAN Myths that you should know

January 25, 2018 | Jesse Ludtke

Gumstix engineer, Keith Lee and Rishabh Chauhan, the global community manager at The Things Network, share their LoRaWAN wisdom with the article published by Electron Design, entitled “11 LoRaWAN Myths”.

Here are the myths they discussed in the article:

  1. LoRa is LoRaWAN.
  2. LoRa signals can’t really transmit over 10 km. That’s nuts!
  3. Okay, but there’s no way my device could last up to 10 years!
  4. Can I share images/files on LoRaWAN?
  5. LoRa nodes can only send data.
  6. LoRa isn’t secure.
  7. I have to pay to use LoRaWAN.
  8. LoRaWAN is for IIoT sensor monitoring. That’s it.
  9. But what about support from the industry?
  10. There’s no way to track LoRa nodes without adding GPS receivers.
  11. I can’t find any ideal hardware for my application.
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