The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Gumstix Solutions Kits get you up and running quickly

November 8, 2013 | Sergey Olkhovsky

Our aim at Gumstix has always been to build the best tools to let you design and deliver your dream project as effortlessly as possible. With so many combinations of computers-on-module and expansion boards available, getting the advanced functionality you need has only ever been a click away. With such a staggering array of options, however, how do you know which one to choose when beginning a project? We’ve got the answer.

Gumstix Solutions Kits are bundled COMs or SBCs, expansion boards and all the necessary accessories that let you hit the ground running when starting on a project. You might have noticed a change to our homepage showcasing the six project types for Solutions Kits:

Robotics Kits

The Robotics Development Kit

Robotics Kits have a tiny footprint and ship with a Linaro (Ubuntu for Overo) system card with the incredibly popular Robot Operating System (ROS) pre-installed. With an extensive set of core features, these kits are perfect for roboticists of all stripes, from hobbyists to UAV developers and beyond.

Handhelds Kits

The 4.3″ Handheld Development Kit

Small, light and smart – that’s what a handheld project needs to be. Gumstix Handhelds Kits give you wireless communications, a capable processor and a touch screen in a 4.3 or 3.5 inch size, all bundled in a tiny package. The 4.3″ Development Kit, based on Pepper, even ships with an Android system card, something that is also in the works for the 3.5″ kit, bringing you the world’s most popular mobile OS.


Network Appliance Kits

A barebones Wireless Appliance Development Kit

The Internet of Things grows day by day as connected devices become ubiquitous. Network Appliance Kits let you create your very own connected device, whether wired or wireless, all powered by Linux.

Digital Signage Kits

Home Theatre Demonstration Kit

A close cousin of Network Appliance Kits, Digital Signage Kits are designed to be to attach to the back of your TV and can be powered by its USB service port. These kits, such as the Gumstix HTPC, make any TV a smart TV running Linux on a dual-core processor, opening up an incredible world of possibilities.

Remote Data Collection Kits

A Remote Data Collection Kit

From weather-balloon-hosted websites to unmanned submersible vehicles and even to Gumstix in outer space, Gumstix COMs have been at the heart of a wide array of projects in some of the most extreme conditions on our planet (and off of it!). Remote Data Collection Kits are designed to bring robust functionality with a small footprint, offering scientists, researchers and instrument designers capable computing in any environment.

Education Kits

The Summit Education Kit

Last, but certainly not least, are kits designed for use in electronics education. The first one released, featuring our Summit expansion board and an entry-level Overo Earth COM, gives educators a straightforward platform on which they can introduce their students to the world of electronic design. If you’re an educator looking for a specific kit that we don’t have, we’d love to hear your ideas for one in the comments below!

We’re still building our kits to make them even better and more useful for you. As time goes on, Gumstix will be adding information like related publications, design ideas and even lesson plans to each of our kits. Have an idea for a kit? We’d love to hear about it – let us know in the comments below!