Powerful Handheld Kits Now Support Smart Home, Automotive and Industrial Designs

September 10, 2015 | Karen Schultz

New Android/Linux Touchscreen Development Kits

We’re excited to announce two new Pepper Single Board Computers (SBC) based handheld kits. Both boards now support Android™ in addition to Yocto Project Linux®, providing engineers and designers everything needed to prototype with the world’s most popular operating systems.

Gumstix development kits have helped launch some of the world’s coolest products – from phones to drones – and can be found on commercial, university, and hobbyist workbenches in over 45 countries. The additional support for Android opens up our development kits to a wider designer base and a varied list of innovative, Gumstix-prototyped products.

Pepper Development Kit Features

Featuring wireless connectivity provided by Texas Instruments’ (TI) WiLink™ 8 combo-connectivity module (Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth®), the Pepper handheld development kits are ideally suited for smart home, mobile display based, and other industrial and DIY applications.

The Pepper 43C Handheld Development Kit includes the Newhaven 4.3” Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD touchscreen that is ideal to applications requiring quick response time and multi-touch functionality.

Meanwhile, the Pepper 43R Handheld Development Kit includes the Newhaven 4.3” Resistive LCD touchscreen that is ideal for applications such as a handheld gaming console or applications requiring non-capacitive touch. (Read full release here)

We’d love to hear about what you do with our Pepper Handheld Development kits.