PCN: New Connectors for the Overo COM

July 20, 2018 | Sergey Olkhovsky

We sent this email to our Overo customers this week.

As you may be aware, the connector (245602070001829H+) we are using in our Overo COMs has been discontinued by AVX/Kyocera.

We have a drop-in replacement from Panasonic with identical footprint. This has been tested at Gumstix on both COM and Expansion boards.

COM: AXK870145WG
Expansion: AXK770147G

You now have the option of transitioning to the new Panasonic connector or continuing with the AVX/Kyocera connector. If you would prefer to switch, we are available to discuss how to do this to make sure it won’t disrupt your production.

No decision needs to be made at this time but we would appreciate understanding your thinking on this matter.

If you’re not responsible for engineering or supply chain decision, we highly recommend you forward this to your engineering or product team. If you’re buying on behalf of a customer, kindly forward to them this email so they could make a decision on how to move forward.

Thank you very much!

Please be guided accordingly.