Path to Space: Andrew Smith one of the Top 32!

March 3, 2017 | Jesse Ludtke

When the team at Gumstix found out that Andrew Smith is included in the Top 72, we supported him on his journey to be one of the two potential astronauts representing the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), both on Earth and in Space.

Andrew Smith at CSA Mental Test
©Canadian Space Agency

Now, we are excited that our Lead Engineer made it to the Top 32 after rigorous physical and mental tests that will push anyone to their limits.

Andrew Smith at CSA Physical Test
©Canadian Space Agency

Andrew Smith visits schools

Despite his busy schedule, Andrew finds time to inspire young Canadians to work hard both inside and outside of the classroom. Yesterday, Andrew spent the whole day with students from Holy Rosary Catholic School in Belleville, ON. Students asked great questions from “is there WiFi there?” to “how long will you be gone?” and Andrew answered the questions with ease.

Andrew Smith at Holy Rosary Catholic School
Andrew Smith and Andrew Campbell (Grade 5 student) in front of students
Kindergarten to Grade 8 from Holy Rosary Catholic School
photo by Bruce Bell

We will continue to support Andrew on his quest to be an astronaut for the CSA. If you want to learn the latest about Andrew’s journey, follow him on Twitter @AndrewCSmith32. You may also follow Gumstix (@gumstix) for more updates.