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96Board Powered by the Intel Joule Module

Geppetto D20 Provides Mezzanine Customization for All 96Boards™

Gumstix expands support for 96Boards™ and Intel® Joule™module

Now 96boards™ designers can rapidly customize, design and manufacture small form-factor mezzanine boards for the 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) and the just announced IoT Edition (IE) in Geppetto® D20 to jumpstart their 96Boards™ hardware designs. A mezzanine connector for the 96Boards™ CE specification is already in Geppetto D2O and an IoT Edition mezzanine connector is in development. This announcement and the release of two new Gumstix boards, Nodana 96BCE and Radium 96BIE expands Gumstix’s current support for 96Boards™ and Intel® Joule™module which includes the AeroCore2 for DragonBoard 410C along with six recently released Gumstix boards supporting the Intel® Joule™ module.

96Board Powered by the Intel Joule Module

Nodana 96BCE Overview

The Nodana 96BCE is the first x86-based 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) board to use quad-core Atom T5700 or T5500 SoCs from Intel’s new Broxton line of Atoms via the Intel Joule computer-on-module. The 48 x 24 x 3.5mm Intel Joule module ships with an IoT-oriented Ostro Linux distribution, and integrates WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as support for Intel RealSense 3D cameras.

The Radium 96BIE board is also based on an Intel COM, but not one that runs Linux. Instead, the board incorporates an Intel Curie module based on Intel’s MCU-like Quark SE processor. The Radium 96BIE complies with the new 96Boards IE spec, which is also used by a new Cortex-M4-based SeeedStudio BLE Carbon SBC. Like the Carbon, the Radium 96BIE offers Bluetooth LE, in this case enabled by the Curie module.

Read more product overview and comparisons from

Choose from 8 platforms to customize

TechNexion PICO Launches In Geppetto for Custom Design

TechNexion Partners with Gumstix® for Online Design-to-Order Service Read more…

One day IoT design for new Intel® Joule™modules

Geppetto® design-to-order software was such a hit at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF),  we had to share our big news and include you in our show special! Read more…

How to Custom Design a 96Board Dev Board in Minutes

96Boards module now available in Geppetto®

Makers, prototyping with 96Boards, can now design a custom expansion board online using simple drag and drop modules like camera connectors, LTE, and more. Design in minutes – just click to order and all engineering is automated online. In only 15 days, a tested and production ready board is shipped direct to you.

Watch it done here

Making the AeroCore 2 for 96Boards in Geppetto D2O
In order to demonstrate how to use Geppetto, the Aerocore 2 for Dragonboard 410C design will be replicated using the 96Boards mezzanine connector module.

Drone Video Featuring LTE and New AeroCore 2 for Dragonboard

Keith Lee, the Gumstix Guru, has just put out this drone video about the Gumstix AeroCore2 expansion board for the Dragonboard 410C.

One reason for all the excitement about the AeroCore 2 for the Dragonboard is that the expansion board supports NimbeLink’s Skywire LTE modem. Now you can take all of your UAV and drone projects cellular. That means makers can use open source software like openLTE to transfer their sensor and video/audio data between their drones and an external source, like a laptop or cellular tower.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out Keith’s video featuring a drone powered by AeroCore2 Dragonboard 410 and overview of the boards features.

Welcome to the Gumstix Scholar Center



Gumstix has a new webpage dedicated to academic research projects and patents!

We want researchers and innovators to know what Gumstix can do for them, especially when it comes to constructing the medical, scientific and industrial devices populating the “Internet of Things”. Aside from learning about how Gumstix expansion boards, single board computers and computers-on-modules (COMs) can be used for research in machine learning or UAV prototypes, researchers can learn more about Gumstix’s expansion boards for third-party COMs, including the Raspberry Pi Compute Module here.

Keep up to date with the latest patents and research projects that use Gumstix products at the Gumstix Scholar News section of the website.

We want to hear from you. How have Gumstix products help streamline your research project? Share your projects with us @

AeroCore 2 for Dragonboard

Connectivity is a top priority for makers and researchers working with drones and quadcopters: Data needs to be sent quickly and efficiently back and forth from a remote device and a home station, like a laptop. Gumsitx’s AeroCore 2 expansion board for the Dragonboard 410C computer-on-module, including support for a Nimbelink LTE modem, is Gumstix’s most technologically advanced platform for launching a next-gen drone.


The DragonBoard features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 series processes with an ARM Cortex, WiFi/Bluetooth and a Qualcomm Adreno 306 GPU. The AeroCore 2 expansion board extends the features of the Dragonboard COM to include an ARM ST Mirco Cortex-M4 microprocessor with NuttX RTOS and GPS support, a Skeptrum DSM-2 remote connector, SPI header, a barometer, I2C headers and a PWM header. A 15-pin CSI2 camera connector is also included, pending manufacturer software support.

Today, Gumstix customers can either purchase the AeroCore 2 for the Dragonboard from Arrow (and also from Gumstix) or clone the AeroCore 2 board for Dragonboard in Geppetto and then design, modify and build using a library of hundreds of different modules. “We are excited to offer a custom AeroCore 2 expansion board for the DragonBoard market,” says Gordon Kruberg, Gumstix CEO, “Arrow customers can now utilize the power of the AeroCore 2 or create their own customized expansion board in Geppetto, creating a faster path to market as we build the “things” of the internet together.” has a great piece discussing both the new partnership between Arrow and Gumstix and Gumstix’s new AeroCore 2 expansion board for the Dragonboard, designed in Geppetto by Gumstix engineers. Head on over there to learn more.

Gumstix Partners with Arrow Electronics

With expected revenue worth well over ten trillion dollars by 2020, the ever expanding constellation called “the internet of things” (IoT) has reshaped how the technology industry does business. Arrow Electronics, an electronics distributor, has today announced a distribution agreement with Gumstix, a design-to-order provider and specialist in small form-factor boards.

The basic idea is simple. Engineers and makers can use Gumstix’s in-house design tool Geppetto to clone board designs created by Gumstix engineers or design and build their own boards from hundreds of different modules. However, in order for the expansion boards designed in Geppetto by Gumstix engineers — along with Gumstix’s computer-on-modules — to make their way into the thicket of the IoT, the distributor Arrow will ensure that Gumstix’s products are visible to a much wider audience than before.

An entry ticket into the market of the IoT seems to require specialization, like focusing on design-to-order services, but specialization lends toward a division of labor. This is especially true for the IoT where different companies focus on different services, like Data as a Service (DaaS). “We welcome Arrow as our first distribution partner,” says Gordon Kruberg, Gumstix CEO: “Their dedication to innovation and customer service distinguishes them as a lead stocking distributor and we look forward to being part of their global network.”

Learn more about Gumstix’s new AeroCore 2 expansion board for the Dragonboard 41C – now distributed by Arrow – over at

Poblano 43C

The SPICY Poblano 43C AM4378, costing only $199, with support for a capacitive LCD touch screen, 8 GB of embedded MMC memory and ARM Cortex-A9 processor is here.


This single board computer, a multimedia workhorse, is perfect for handheld electronic devices. Sporting an ARM Cortex-A9 core, improved graphics processing and increased on-chip memory, the Poblano’s AM4378 processor is faster and more powerful than it’s predecessor, the Pepper ARM Cortex-A8 based on the TI AM335x.

The Poblano 43C features the following components:

  • Support for capacitive LCD touch screen
  • 8 gigabytes of eMMC memory
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with AP mode
  • Bluetooth BLE
  • A 9-axis internal motion sensor
  • Connections for Micro-B USB and two USB hosts
  • A USB console
  • A flip-side push button
  • Power connector and backup battery
  • A bootable Micro-SD card slot
  • A 20-pin GPIO header
  • A Micro-B USB device connection
  • Two flip-side LEDs

Get the Poblano 43C, a 4.3″ Newhaven capacitive LCD touch screen, Micro-B to standard USB-A cable, 5V power adaptor and a u.FL. WiFi/Bluetooth antenna all for $269 in one small, red hot package with the Poblano Dev Kit.

Give Vision to Your Maker Project with the Tiny Caspa Camera

Introducing the Tiny Caspa .3MP, 27-pin camera board, only $20.00

Measuring just 22x22mm, the Tiny Caspa camera board is an affordable and compact solution to maker projects that require a digital camera in tight places, like quadcopters or robotic projects. The board is also perfect for developers building small and covert surveillance applications for businesses and home security.

Picture of the Tiny Caspa Camera Board

Designed for the equally compact Gumstix Overo COMs, like the Overo® AIRSTORM-Y COM with Wifi/Bluetooth support, the board’s features include a maximum resolution of 640×480 with its built-in lens, a frame rate of 30fps and 8-bit parallel image output in raw (Bayer) format. One project idea would be to use the WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities of the Overo Airstorm-Y COM to wirelessly transmit footage from the Tiny Caspa on a quadcopter back to your laptop.

Moreover, the Tiny Caspa camera board can be used with any custom-built board in Geppetto® D2O with a 27-pin connector and there is a Tiny Caspa Module in Geppetto, Gumstix’s online Design-to-Order software, allowing customers to design and build their own custom Gumstix boards.