TechNexion PICO Launches In Geppetto for Custom Design

September 13, 2016 | Karen Schultz

TechNexion Partners with Gumstix® for Online Design-to-Order Service

Geppetto® D2O Custom Development Boards Available for PICO series COMs

Choose from 8 platforms to customize

Click, clone and customize a PICO expansion board in minutes.

Utilizing Geppetto® D2O, engineers can rapidly design and manufacture small form-factor boards tailored to the PICO-IMX6 series. Designers can clone the Gumstix® PICO-IMX6 dev board into their Geppetto® D2O workspace and drag-and-drop hardware modules on to it to jumpstart their design or custom build an expansion board for the PICO-IMX6 from scratch.

The Gumstix PICO-IMX6 Development Board hosts HDMI, DSI and capacitive touch LCD display connectors for video output, dual-USB type-A and USB-OTG connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet. It also features a CSI2 camera connector, compatible with Raspberry Pi cameras. Its wide array of multimedia and communication hardware supporting the TechNexion PICO-IMX6 Compute Modules NXP i.MX6 processor’s power is ideal for IoT endpoints, wearable applications, drones or industrial mobile terminals. Drag, drop and design a custom board in minutes here.