PCN: Overo COM change in RAM size

July 18, 2019 | Celine Marie Barrozo

Date: Effective Immediately

Details: The following version of Overo COM is now discontinued. All open orders as of this blog post date will be fulfilled but no new orders will be entertained.

  • Overo AirSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703AY-R4409
  • Overo IronSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703FEY-R4407
  • Overo FireSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703FY-R4408
  • Overo EarthSTORM COM: GUM3703E-R3954
  • Overo WaterSTORM COM: GUM3703W-R3954
  • Overo IceSTORM COM: GUM3703WE-R3952
  • Overo Earth COM: GUM3503E-R3954
  • Overo Water COM: GUM3503W-R3954

All above version uses a 512MB RAM / 512MB NAND component which Micron has discontinued.

Replacement: We have a replacement for each COM above (different revision number) with a 256MB RAM / 512MB NAND.

  • Overo AirSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703AY-R4410
  • Overo IronSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703FEY-R4408
  • Overo FireSTORM-Y COM: GUM3703FY-R4409
  • Overo EarthSTORM COM: GUM3703E-R3955
  • Overo WaterSTORM COM: GUM3703W-R3955
  • Overo IceSTORM COM: GUM3703WE-R3953
  • Overo Earth COM: GUM3503E-R3955
  • Overo Water COM: GUM3503W-R3955

Please send us an email if you have any questions: sales@gumstix.com