Thank you for your interest in Gumstix products!

At Gumstix, we aim to make it easy and convenient for our customers to get the technology that meets their needs. All orders placed with us are categorized as follows:

From 1 to 100 Boards:

To order a quantity of boards between 1 and 99, visit the Gumstix Online Store or learn more about online orders.

100+ Boards:

To order a large (100 or more) quantity of boards in a single order, contact Gumstix Volume Sales or learn more about Volume Orders.

All orders are subject to our terms and conditions.

Sales Documentation

Export Control Classification Number

(Further information at United States Bureau of Industry and Security)

Gumstix products without a bootable Linux® installed are exported no license required (NLR).

Please note: The APP of Gumstix processors does not exceed 0.75 Weighted TeraFlops (WT) in aggregate.

Gumstix products with Linux® installed are exported under ECCN 5A002A.1 - License Exception ENC. This includes:

  • COMs with bootable flash memory
  • Bootable microSD cards

U.S. Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

Gumstix is not a CCR registered company. For US government purchases that require CCR registration of the vendor, you may wish to contact our third party resellers.