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This page lists video guides for Geppetto®, our design to order online platform, where you can learn how to design your own electronic device in minutes.

For videos showcasing and demonstrating Gumstix systems, check out our Product Videos.

Design and build your custom board for Raspberry Pi

General Tutorials

1-minute Board Builder Tutorial

An overview showing the new Geppetto Board Builder.

0:49 | Watch

30 Second Overview

An overview showing the Geppetto workspace and its features.

0:32 | Watch

Geppetto Walkthrough

Part 1 - Intro

Watch an introduction to Geppetto's user-friendly interface.

2:47 | Watch

Part 2 - Modules

Learn about Geppetto modules and how easy it is to add them to your custom board.

4:14 | Watch

Part 3 - Connections

Learn about connecting modules using connection flags in Geppetto.

4:41 | Watch

Geppetto COMs

Geppetto Intel Joule Module

A demo of the Intel Joule Module in Geppetto. Add USB 3.0, MIPI DSI, HDMI, and more.

1:38 | Watch

Critical Link MitySOM Tutorial

Learn how to create a completely custom expansion board for the CriticalLink MitySOM-3-nc35x series system-on-module using Gumstix' Geppetto design-to-order platform.

8:15 | Watch

BeagleBone Black Cape Tutorial

Build a custom BeagleBone Black Cape using Geppetto, the Design-To-Order tool from Gumstix.

9:06 | Watch

To find more Geppetto videos, feel free to head over to the Gumstix Engineering YouTube Channel.