Please read this document carefully! It contains very important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you. This document contains a dispute resolution clause.

Warranty Coverage and Returns

Return Policy

Orders placed with Gumstix are non-cancellable and, generally, non-refundable, except in special circumstances or where we have issued an RMA under warranty terms.

In exceptional circumstances, Gumstix may, at its sole discretion, accept returns for items, provided they are unopened in their original packaging, and issue a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. You must have an RMA number before returning a shipment.

Warranty Coverage via RMA

Limited Warranty

Gumstix products are covered by the Gumstix limited warranty for a period of 90 days from the date such products are delivered to the customer ("Warranty Period").

The customer must ensure that the products of concern are in new condition and not altered in any way. Moreover, the customer must have the original packaging, including anti-static bag and plastic shipping case.

Gumstix warranty coverage must be authorized in advance of the products being returned.

Obtaining an RMA

In order to return products to Gumstix for warranty coverage, a customer must first obtain a Gumstix Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by sending an email to in which the following information is provided:

  1. The name of the original purchaser.
  2. Gumstix Order Reference No.
  3. The quantity and type of product(s) that require warranty coverage.
  4. A technical description of the product failure.
  5. The work order (W/O) number printed on the white label affixed to the top of the product.

For example:

Purchaser Order No. Quantity Product Description W/O
John Doe 30001 1 Chestnut43 expansion board Ethernet failed after electrical fault 34678
John Doe 100001234 1 Overo Earth COM COM failed while connected to Chestnut43 during electrical fault 22222


The cost of shipping the products to Gumstix for warranty coverage belongs to the customer. The customer may choose any method of shipping.

Gumstix will cover the cost of shipping the products back to the customer via UPS.

The customer is also responsible for any duties, customs or fees associated with shipment to or from a non-US location as they relate to warranty coverage.

Product Shipping

Products being returned for warranty coverage must be in new condition. The products must be returned in their original packaging including the anti-static, pink bag and their plastic shipping case. If the plastic shipping case is not available, then the products must be packaged and taped securely inside protective bubble wrap.

Any damage to the product Gumstix deems to have been caused by poor packaging during return to Gumstix will void the warranty.

Customers must shipped the products within five business days of the date on which Gumstix issues the RMA. RMA drop-off is not permitted.

The email authorizing the RMA will include the RMA number and the address for returning the package. Please make sure both are clearly marked on the outside of the package to allow receiving and processing at the Gumstix distribution center.

Product Availability for an RMA

Should products returned under warranty coverage need to be replaced, the lead-time is subject to the availability of replacement products.

Notice For Customers Shipping Products From Outside the United States

The customs documents for warranty coverage shipments sent to Gumstix in the United States must clearly state that the goods are neither being exported nor imported, but rather are only IN TRANSIT.

The IN TRANSIT declaration is required in order to avoid import duty when the products enter the United States. Gumstix, Inc. will refuse any shipment without a proper declaration; these shipments will be returned to sender.