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Expansion board design in Geppetto
Designed in Geppetto by Gumstix: Pi Compute Module Dev Board
Geppetto board design overview

Geppetto allows you to easily design and order a populated, finished, and completely functioning board. Have ideas you want to push to production quickly? This platform is for you. Not an engineer? No problem! Read on to see what Geppetto has to offer, or, try it out now:

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Design your custom board with ease!

Drag and drop modules

Slash Design Time

Geppetto’s intuitive, simple drag and drop tool guides users.

3D view and module library

Custom Library and 3D Design Preview

Choose from over 100 modules and see your design with accurate dimensions in real world 3D views.

Gumstix created designs

Free Documentation and Board Support Packages

Downloadable with each saved design. Share with colleagues as you design, online, anywhere.

Build the perfect board!

Automated routing

No Engineering Required

Simply place displays, sensors, processors. WiFi, etc. and Geppetto connects your system. No routing needed on your part.

Module colours

Green light means GO

Color coded indicators keep you updated on the status of your design. Geppetto confirms your designs and flags missing modules and ensures optimal software compatibility.

Geppetto dynamically updates board cost

Compare Cost

Understand how each module affects your bottom line. Easily optimize for cost without sacrificing critical components.

Reduce manufacturing time and cost!

Design-to-Order Reduces Cost

Geppetto automates the PCB routing, sourcing, component purchasing and fabrication of your finished product.

Prevent Mistakes

All Geppetto-manufactured devices are pre-tested by experts at Gumstix Engineering.

Rapid Delivery

Production-ready board ships in just 15 business days.

A few "in generals"

  • If you envision your board, what does it look like? A handheld device? Network appliance? Industrial control board? Geppetto excels at these kinds of things.
  • Please know Geppetto does wearable systems -- and, in fact, is helping pioneer these. But ingestible systems? We’re not there yet.
  • Satellites and drone controllers? Yes. Rocket controls? No.
  • Medical systems? Of course. Implantables? Not at this time.
  • In general, though, please know we are constantly pushing the boundaries... after all, Geppetto’s motto is: Dream... Design... Deliver...!

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