environmental policy of gumstix

Environmental Policy

Gumstix strives to be environmentally friendly from design to production. We responsibly manage all aspects of our business to minimize impact to the environment, while maintaining high standards of quality, technology, and cost savings that are passed along to our customers.

We minimize our impact on the environment through emphasizing the "four R's:" Reduce, Re-Use, Recover, and Recycle:


  • We ship every Gumstix product in minimal packaging even when shipping volume orders.
  • We ensure that all support documentation available online to significantly reduce the use of paper for printed manuals.
  • Gumstix pre-loads with software COMs and computers, needing no installation media.
  • We have reduced levels of hazardous substances used in the production in all of our products. We are also in compliance with the European RoHS directive.
  • Gumstix have significantly reduced office paper waste and other operation environment impacts through advanced automation of our manufacturing and logistics chain.
  • Majority of Gumstix employees reduce automotive pollution by regularly telecommuting.

Re-Use and Recover

  • Gumstix designs expansion boards, COMs, and cases to be forward-compatible with future Gumstix products. This will allow an efficient migration path in the future for upgrading existing equipment without requiring complete replacement protecting the environment and our customers' investment.
  • We recover and re-use shipping and packing materials from our suppliers in outbound shipping. This is to reduce landfill and offering cost-savings we pass directly to customers.
  • Gumstix also recover and re-use office paper waste by shredding those on-site to be used as packing material for bulk shipments.


  • We shred and recycle (not incinerate) any confidential or sensitive document that we have.
  • Moreover, we separate into recyclable and non-recyclable materials all other office waste.

Gumstix and RoHS Compliance

We recognize the benefits of removing lead and other hazardous substances from computing products. As a result, we shipped each product to every customer worldwide that will have been designed to meet the lead-free and hazardous substance-free standard as set out by the European Union in 2006 under their Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guideline.

Customers can send us an email at support@gumstix.com if you have any further questions or concerns about our environmental policy.