How do we test your prototype board?

March 31, 2019 | Jesse Ludtke

Geppetto is the best way to get from idea to a custom electronic board that’s guaranteed to boot on delivery. Not only is your board vetted for accurate routing during design, Gumstix engineers also perform automated testing before shipment.

What do we test?

When you place an order, our engineers will review and route your design. If they find an issue or have concerns or clarification, we will reach out to you with a proposed solution or ask how you prefer to move forward.

Once the board is manufactured, we will make sure your board boots and that we have access to Linux on the serial console. This is one of the reasons we recommend in the validation that Geppetto designs have a USB console port.

Our engineers run a comprehensive suite of functional tests in Linux, tailored to the modules you’ve used on your board. From pushbuttons, to LEDs, to storage devices, and more, we make sure everything works just the way it should.

Geppetto is our free online design tool that allows you to create a custom hardware design. Moreover, we handle everything, from sourcing of parts to production, to ensuring that your board boots out of the box. We take care of production while you focus on your software or application. We will deliver your pre-tested, fully assembled boards (not just PCB) after 15 business days.