How to request a module not yet in Geppetto?

June 14, 2018 | Sergey Olkhovsky

Last week, I wrote about the biggest misconception about Geppetto. Today, I want to answer the most frequently asked question of Geppetto users. Is it possible to add a specific module in Geppetto?

Can we add a module not yet in Geppetto?

Absolutely. We are always adding new modules and components in Geppetto.

I want this part number – can you add it in Geppetto?

That’s an excellent question, we can probably add it BUT we need you to do a few things.

  1. Signup for a Geppetto account. This will show that you have tried playing around with the tool and understood what it is.
  2. Create and save a design as close to what you need as possible.
  3. Send us an email at with the design title and list of modules or customization you need. It will always be good to include what’s the purpose of your board so our engineers can make better recommendations and feedback.

Is it free?

Not always. Our engineer will review your design and list of requested modules and customization. Then, we will let you know if we could add it for free or how many engineering hours we would charge for the request.

Will the new module be private?

Not always. It will be private for minimum a month but it will eventually be released for everyone to use once we’ve confirmed working.

How long will it take you to add it?

Depending on the complexity of the module, it could be within the day or week. Usually, we prioritize requests from Geppetto users ready to buy a board.


Requested modules won’t get the same testing as any of our existing, available modules. Moreover, it might take more than 3 weeks (around 4 or 5 weeks) to get the boards to you. Please understand that when you request for a module, it will be our first time working with it and can’t guarantee it will work the first time. We will do our best but no promises.

Do you have any burning questions about Geppetto? Please send us an email at