The AeroCore 2

for DuoVero and Overo

  • High precision, low cost GPS module
  • Connect and control any device over WiFi
  • Video streaming anywhere

Customize it further on Geppetto:

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$149 for DuoVero and Overo

Maximum Sensitivity, Low Power GPS

High precision, low cost GPS, even in hostile GPS environments.

  • The Pre-GO module, with Neo-7M, delivers ±2.5m accuracy- $49

  • The Pre-GO PPP module, with Neo-7P, delivers <1m accuracy - $109

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combo Connectivity

Add WiFi-enabled autopilot and swarm technology with 802.11b/g/n with Access Point mode and Bluetooth with

Robotic Computer Vision

Add video and streaming capabilities over USB or connect a Caspa camera directly to the
Overo COM.

  • The Caspa FS receiving full-spectrum light. - $75

  • The Caspa VL receiving only visible spectrum light. - $75

Autonomous Kits - Everything You Need To Launch

Autonomous Kits include the Aerocore 2, the Pre-Go Standard Board, a u-Fl antenna, and a USB connector.

Accelerate Education/ Robotics Applications

  • Teach industry-standard embedded systems design.

  • Program unmanned robotic vehicles or automate robotic machinery.

  • Learn from and customize best-in-class open-source software for UAVs.

Supercharge Your DIY/Hobbyist Projects

  • Build a drone or robotic vehicle; control it via any WiFi device.

  • Home automation with smart systems; lock doors, control blinds, or dim lights.

  • Connect a camera and stream video wirelessly in real-time.

Secure Military and Defense Applications

  • Upgrade precision guidance and airdrop systems with centimeter accuracy GPS.

  • Capture data and securely download it simultaneously.

  • Execute surveillance operations with airborne target tracking.

Streamline Industrial Applications

  • Monitor data and equipment health simultaneously.

  • Activate or re-program applications remotely.

  • Track devices across the globe and improve logistics chains.