These instructions will walk you through enabling WiFi from a terminal on a Yocto Project image.

Interface Names

Wireless module interfaces vary depending on the platform you are using.

  • Overo: wlan0
  • DuoVero & Pepper: mlan0

Configure Security Settings on Your Wireless Network

  1. Add your security settings to:

    Note: Replace {mlan0|wlan0} with the appropriate interface name.

  2. Enable the service using the appropriate interface name (again replacing {wlan0|mlan0} with the right name):
    $ systemctl enable udhcpc@{wlan0|mlan0}
    $ systemctl enable wpa_supplicant@{wlan0|mlan0}

For example, on DuoVero:

  1. Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant-mlan0.conf:

    psk="secret password"
  2. Enable the services:

    $ systemctl enable udhcpc@mlan0
    $ systemctl enable wpa_supplicant@mlan0
  3. Reboot.

SSH Into Your System

You should now be able to SSH into your system. If you do not know the IP address of the system on your network, you can try the following:

Hostname System E.g.,
duovero.local DuoVero Series COMs
$ssh root@duovero.local
overo.local Overo Series COMs
$ssh root@overo.local
pepper.local Pepper SBC
$ssh root@pepper.local

You should now be connected to your system via SSH.