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Design a custom Pi board with Geppetto - No engineering required!

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Top-View of Pi HAT

Launch with a Gumstix Pi HAT expansion board

Add sensors, LEDs and pushbuttons to your Raspberry Pi with a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top).
The Pi HAT Sensor Board provides 9-axis motion detection, Pre-GO connectability, and ambient pressure and temperature sensors along with an LED array and pushbuttons. It also includes an RTC and supports RPi 3!

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Raspberry Pi HAT in Geppetto

Design your own Pi device in minutes

In Geppetto®, all ports and signals for the Pi HAT connector are pre-configured to support up to the Raspberry Pi 3. The simple drag and drop Geppetto library makes it a snap to add GPS, LEDs and more. Now you can create your own Pi electronic design to your exact specifications with no engineering required. Save time and money, and avoid mistakes.

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Raspberry Pi Board

Launch with a Gumstix Pi development board

Powerful multimedia board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Includes DSI connection for Raspberry Pi display, CSI2 connection for Raspberry Pi camera and much more.

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Raspberry Pi Board in Geppetto

Design your own Pi Compute Module

In Geppetto®, all ports and signals are pre-configured for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Just choose a board size, and easily add DSI, CSI2, HDMI, USB and more. Just copy the Gumstix Pi Compute module board into Geppetto and add or delete modules to your specifications in minutes. Pre-tested, production-ready board shipped to you in 15 business days.

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Raspberry Pi USB Ethernet Board

Gumstix Pi Compute USB Ethernet Board

Brings Ethernet to your Raspberry Pi Compute Module. A 10/100 connection is provided via USB using a Microchip LAN9512 Ethernet controller.

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Pi Fast Flash Board

Gumstix Pi Fast Flash Board

Initialize or overwrite the Raspberry Pi Compute Module embedded storage with a new disk image, or mount the file system to your PC. Use it to flash all your Pi Compute Modules.

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