Gumstix's Pi Family

  • Meet the
  • Gumstix Pi Family
  • Ready to take your Raspberry
  • Pi Compute Module to Market

  • Jumpstart your custom expansion board with the Gumstix Pi Dev Board
  • Add DSI display, CSI2 digital camera and more in Geppetto®D2O
  • Design and order online today. Verified market ready board ships in three weeks

Gumstix Pi Development Board

  • Multimedia board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  • Includes DSI connection for Raspberry Pi display, CSI2 connection for Raspberry Pi camera & much more
  • Buy board, $49.00
  • Need something changed? Clone and customize in Geppetto®D2O

Geppetto Pi Compute COM Connector

  • Design your own Pi Compute Expansion Board from scratch in Geppetto®D2O
  • All ports and signals pre-configured for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module
  • Just choose a board size and easy add DSI, CSI2, HDMI, USB and more
  • Try out a free design

Gumstix Pi Fast Flash Board

  • Initialize or overwrite the Raspberry Pi Compute Module embedded storage with a new disk image, or mount the file system to your PC
  • Use it to flash all Your Pi Compute Modules
  • Buy Fast Flash, $19.00

Go Pro with the Gumstix Pi Family

    • Transform your design into a market ready product


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