Raspberry Pi® Components with Gumstix

Give Your Pi Voice, Eyes and Sensors, and now 5G!

Gumstix Chatterbox W5G for Pi -- Amazon Voice Service Ready

  • Wake-word or hold-to-talk home assistant dev board
  • 2.5-Watt speaker driver, on-board mic and line-in jack
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity
  • Free Chatterbox design available in Geppetto

Follow QuickStart guidelines to reduce cost and accelerating integration.

Target applications include smart speakers, smart home and IoT devices, router and gateway devices, sound bars and set-top boxes.

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Take Your Pi on the go with integrated battery pack!

Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero Battery Board -- Wireless Video Streaming Ready

  • Take your Raspberry Pi Zero anywhere
  • 2 NiMH or NiCd batteries slots
  • USB charging
  • Free Chatterbox design available in Geppetto

Follow QuickStart guidelines to reduce cost and accelerating integration.

With the onboard Bosch BMI160 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope you can easily track motion. Add a camera to enable totally wireless video streaming!

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Clone a design by Gumstix or start from scratch in Board Builder!

Gumstix Pi Compute Dev Board in Geppetto


Design a custom Pi board with Geppetto - No Engineering Required!

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Boards for Raspberry Pi


Choose from a host of Gumstix Pi HAT or Raspberry Pi® CM boards to power your Pi.

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Yocto for Raspberry Pi®

Gumstix now provides custom Yocto Linux disk images (Morty), curated to provide complete support for Gumstix Pi HATs and Compute Module carrier boards. Gumstix Yocto Linux downloads are available on applicable product pages under the software tab.

Pi Conduit PoE

Add Real Power to a LoRa Gateway with the
Gumstix Pi Conduit PoE

The Raspberry Pi® Compute Module, RisingHF RHF0M301 LoRa® gateway/concentrator module, and the Pi Conduit PoE development board come together to deliver LoRaWAN connectivity where conventional power delivery can't.

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PoE in Geppetto

Get Gigabit with Power over Ethernet (PoE) using the Gigabit with PoE via USB Geppetto Module

The PoE interface implements type-2 hardware classification per IEEE 802.3at. The Gigabit interface is controlled using the ASIX AX88179 USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Controller. This new module is found under the 'Network' shelf in Geppetto. Learn more about Geppetto

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Gumtix Pi Newgate

Connect any or all of the RPi CM pins with the
Gumstix Pi Newgate

Every feature of the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module and Compute Module 3 is laid to bare with this breakout board. Easily monitor digital, analog, and differential signals via 0.1"-pitch pins. The headers on each side of the board provide 3 terminals for each pin of the 200-pin SODIMM connector, and a USB-microB connector provides a UART console connection. A set of level shifters accommodate 3.3 and 1.8 volt logic levels for peripheral devices.

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Pi Stepper Motor Drive

Choose which RPi product you want to use with Gumstix Pi Stepper HAT

The Dual H-Bridge Stepper Motor Driver provides a highly-integrated stepper motor driver for security camera mounts, printers, projectors, and automated equipment. With a 1.8°/step motor, this board can divide a full 360° rotation into 6400 distinct positions for surgically precise motion control. Variable torque and decay rates, as well as adaptive blanking, make this stepper motor driver a versatile robotics component.

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Top-View of Pi HAT

Launch with a Gumstix Pi HAT Expansion Board

Add sensors, LEDs and pushbuttons to your Raspberry Pi with a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top). The Pi HAT Sensor Board provides 9-axis motion detection, Pre-GO connectability, and ambient pressure and temperature sensors along with an LED array and pushbuttons. It also includes an RTC and supports RPi 3!

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Raspberry Pi HAT in Geppetto

Design your own Pi HAT device in minutes

In Geppetto®, all ports and signals for the Pi HAT connector are pre-configured to support up to the Raspberry Pi® 3. The simple drag and drop Geppetto library makes it a snap to add GPS, LEDs and more. Now you can create your own Pi electronic design to your exact specifications with no engineering required. Save time and money, and avoid mistakes.

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Raspberry Pi Board

Launch with a Gumstix Pi Dev Board

Powerful multimedia board for the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module. Includes DSI connection for Raspberry Pi® display, CSI2 connection for Raspberry Pi® camera and much more.

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Raspberry Pi Board in Geppetto

Design your own Pi Compute Module Expansion Board

The Raspberry Pi® Compute Module connector in Geppetto connects your board to the ports and signals of your Compute Module. Just choose a board size, and easily add DSI, CSI2, HDMI, USB and more. Just copy the Gumstix Pi Compute module board into Geppetto and add or delete modules to your specifications in minutes. Pre-tested, production-ready board shipped to you in 15 business days.

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Raspberry Pi USB Ethernet Board

Gumstix Pi Compute USB Ethernet Board

Brings Ethernet to your Raspberry Pi® Compute Module. A 10/100 connection is provided via USB using a Microchip LAN9512 Ethernet controller.

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Pi Fast Flash Board

Gumstix Pi Fast Flash Board

Initialize or overwrite the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module embedded storage with a new disk image, or mount the file system to your PC. Use it to flash all your Pi Compute Modules.

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