Go Geppetto Grand Winner: See4Me Joule Glasses

February 6, 2017 | Celine Marie Barrozo

From November 2016 until second week of January 2017, Gumstix, in partnership with Intel, organized a Go Geppetto competition! We are pleased to share with you our Grand Prize Winner! He won $1,999 manufacturing fee and two boards.

Project Owner: Marco Dal Pino
Something about Marco: Freelance Consultant, Developer, Speaker, Trainer, Microsoft MVP, Intel Software BlackBelt & Innovator
Board Name: Wearable Device Board
Board Description: A wearable device to help vision impaired people to “see” what’s around using AI and Cognitive Services from Microsoft Azure
Inspiration behind the board: The possibility to use Artificial Intelligence to help person with physical disabilities and give them new chances in everyday life.
Board 3D Model from Geppetto:
3D Model from Geppetto

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