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3rd party COMs for custom expansion board design.
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Zigbee Connectivity

Design your custom IoT boards in Geppetto.

Gumstix now offers a low-power Zigbee module for your IoT design featuring Microchip's MRF24J40MA surface mount module with a PCB antenna, operating at 2.4Ghz and is FCC, IC, and ETSI compliant. 


Onboard Flash Memory - 8GB eMMC

Add 8GB onboard flash storage.

Featuring Micron Technology's N2M400GDB321A3CF, the RoHS compliant eMMC module offers 8GB NAND Flash eMMC with an 8-bit bus and 100 count LBGA at 3.3V and is suitable for applications that require reliable storage as an alternative to a microSD. 

Geppetto 30 Seconds Overview

View the latest Gumstix tutorials and become a Geppetto D2O wizard.

The UAV team from the National University of Singapore won the 2014 International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) competition in Delft, the Netherlands. The team was tasked in simulating a search and rescue mission using MAVs in a post-disaster village, including precision flying and object recognition. Read more about their use of Gumstix in their MAVs to win the championship.

 New Arbor Expansion Boards


Explore the new Arbor family of Geppetto designed, Overo COM based expansion boards that support 4.3", 5" and 7" capacitive NewHaven multi-touch touchscreens. The Arbor 43, 50C and 70C boards were designed keeping in mind the advanced technology needs for handheld and smart home devices.

Featuring a parallel RGB touch panel interface, the Arbor family of boards also has prominent connectivity options including a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet jack, stereo audio-out and line-in, USB Host, and USB On-The-Go (OTG). The boards are different for each screen size, to support screen variations in physical dimensions, screen resolution, TFT driver and cable placement. 

Read more and view a comparison table.

Precision Geolocation

Gumstix has released two new low-cost GPS options to the Pre-GO line, the Pre-GO PPP and the Pre-GO PPP SMA (SubMiniature Version A) boards featuring the u-blox NEO-7P GPS/GLONASS receiver. The Pre-GO PPP SMA allows for an external antenna, providing higher gain, as compared to the passive patch antenna found on the Pre-GO PPP. Compared to the Piksi OEM module at $495, the Pre-GOs ranging from $49 to $109 are a great way to go.

These boards are intended for advanced UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) autopilot systems in fixed wing, multi-rotor, and in any robotic system that can move and can be used most effectively with an expansion board containing a compass, helping reduce the magnetic interference usually found in GPS boards with onboard compasses. 

Read our GPS buying guide here.

AeroCore 250 MAV Board

Create an autopilot quadcopter with Gumstix' new AeroCore 250 MAV board, designed to fit smaller quadcopters. The AeroCore 250, cousin to the AeroCore 2, is controlled by an Overo COM and can be coupled with the newly released Pre-GO PPP SMA board to create a high precision drone controller.

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Product Revision Notices:

All Overo COMs have been upgraded to have 1GB NAND Flash. Customers may have to upgrade their uBoot and MLO files. Directions can be found here.

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