Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 PoE Smart Camera

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Whatever you're observing and categorizing, the CM4 PoE Smart Camera has the speed and power to do it with a single cable. With the quad-core Raspberry Pi CM4 and Google Edge TPU, and power and Gigabit over Ethernet, the PoE Smart Camera is ready to deploy.

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Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 PoE Smart Camera Camera ConnectorPower over EthernetRaspberry Pi Compatible

The Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 PoE Smart Camera carrier board combines Power over Ethernet with Coral Intelligence combined with the Raspberry Pi CM4 and Raspberry Pi Camera to deliver a fast and powerful image classification, object identification or behavioral inference computer with low latency and single-cable deployment.

Features Include: * Google Edge G313 TPU * Raspberry Pi Camera connector * USB Gigabit Ethernet and power via Silvertel Ag9300 * Board to board connectors for the Raspberry Pi CM4 * CM4 to Coral TPU utilizing USB 3 via the PCIe interface*

Included Components
Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 PoE Smart Camera (USB3)

Uses Raspberry Pi CM4 Connector (Flip-side) as its COM/processor.

Functional modules include: Raspberry Pi Vertical Camera Connector Coral Accelerator Module Gigabit with Silvertel Ag5300 PoE Knowles SPH0645LM4H-B Microphone (Flip-side)

Family Raspberry Pi
Board-To-Board Connector

3mm stack height

Camera Connector

Vertical cable orientation connector for Raspberry Pi Camera.


Google Edge TPU ML accelerator

Raspberry Pi Compatible

Compatible with the Raspberry Pi family.

Power over Ethernet

IEEE802.3af compliant

Key Components
FPC CONNECTOR 15POS 1mm Vertical

FPC CONNECTOR, RECEPTACLE 15POS 1MMPITCH; Series: FPC; Gender: Receptacle; Pitch S

Hirose 100-pin DF40 connector, 3mm stack height

Conn Board to Board RCP 100 POS 0.4mm Solder ST SMD T/R

Google Coral Accelerator Module

Google Coral Accelerator Module - PCIe Gen 2 or USB 2.0

Crawford Mic Dgt I2S Bottom Port SPH0645

Crawford Mic Dgt I2S Bottom Port SPH0645

Mating Connectors

Please read the instructions in the README file carefully before starting. Instructions and functions are explained in the file.

Files that are needed (such as bootloader and operating system) to create a bootable disk image, are available below.

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