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Internet Trends 2015 -
Mary Meeker has a lot to say, take notes!

If your business is mobile, uses a screen, or can fly, you're in for a great year!
Check these slides for drone news (81-86) and top IoT markets (159-171)

View the full presentation here


The Global Market forIoT Application Development.

Learn about which functional components, vendors, and niche suppliers are best for IoT applications.

Read the full report here.

Success Stories

Big Data Acquisition

Read how Beonic Technologies redesigned their Event Logger data acquisition unit using off-the-shelf hardware to modernize internal technology and cut inventory costs. 

Making News

- Gumstix in space
Gumstix announces new micro-UAV APM/P44 compatible dev board 
5 factors to scrutinize during expansion board design
- Gumstix expands direct support for design engineers
- Linux-based COMs gain WiFi AP and BLE 4.1 functions
The smart UAVs solution

Inspiring Interns

Sutton Cowperthwaite

Sutton has joined to the Gumstix’ team for a 4 month work term this summer at the Redwood City office. He comes to us from University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Engineering, where he is studying chemical engineering and computer science. While not working at Gumstix on Zyro, an aerial drone designed game, or Geppetto, he enjoys running, swimming, and playing water polo. Recently his water polo team went to Club Nationals. Great to have you here Sutton!

Sophia Chen

Sophia joins Gumstix' web development team for a 4 month work term this summer. She comes to us from the University of British Columbia's Computer Science program, where she is majoring in cognitive systems. When she's not programming away on Gumstix' build-to-order webapp for custom electronic designs, Geppetto, Sophia enjoys playing netball - her team recently won the national championship. Way to go, Sophia!

Gumstix In Space

NASA wants to turn CubeSats into the next planetary observers and Gumstix is here to help. CubeSats are relatively inexpensive satellites that are low power, low weight, and small in size. But there are a few hurdles along the way that Dr. Kathleen Morse is interested in addressing in regards to radiation effects.  

Dr. Morse, founder of Yosemite Space and a CASIS sponsored principal investigator, aims to take a systematic look at radiation effects in low-Earth orbit on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies using both ground-based and space based testing. To further her research into a reliable and affordable computing platform for CubeSats, she is sending Gumstix COMs to the International Space Station for 6 months this September. Read more on our blog.

What's New


Building a spaceship, drone or a handheld IoT?  

Over the past ten years, Gumstix’ computers-on-module (COMs) have taken several trips to space and as we speak are flying inside drones across the globe.

We recently launched the AeroCore 2 Product Suite including the Aerocore Flight Kit. The new AeroCore 2 supports off-boarded, high-precision, low-price GPS module, wifi and video streaming anywhere for the DuVero and Overo series COMs in addition to ArduPilot, Mission Planner and APM Planner 2.0 software support.

For low cost GPS, the Pre-GO features the u-blox NEO-7M with standard 2.5 meter accuracy, and Pre-GO PPP  features the u-blox NEO-7P module with high precision, sub-meter level accuracy. Read more.

Gumstix has also launched its Overo STORM-Y series COMs featuring the Texas Instruments WiLink 8 combo connectivity module for WiFi with AP and Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE. Read more.

Last but not least, all Gumstix Overo COMs with flash will now feature 1GB NAND at no additional cost, addressing the increased demand for greater capacity and performance in data storage cards. If you require only 512MB, please contact Gumstix Customer Support

Best of Geppetto

Coming soon,
Zyro, a new aerial drone game
designed in Geppetto

Zyro uses its very own custom UAV as the ball, puck or frisbee for competitive play in the sky. To meet the unique requirements of the Zyro drone, Gumstix’ engineers used Geppetto, our build-to-order platform for creating custom electronic designs. Using Geppetto to design the internal controller for the Zyro drone meant Gumstix engineers could adapt our existing designs while iterating faster and with greater ease than they would have been able to do using traditional EDA software.

Geppetto is a great way for Gumstix users to get started developing their own custom expansion boards to suit whatever application they need. Geppetto-created designs have the full advantage of Gumstix’ own supply chain management while also ensuring compatibility with our computers, and submitted designs can be built in as little as 15 business days. To find out more about Geppetto, including a tutorial on getting started, visit www.gumstix.com/geppetto.

In the works in Hardware and Software

Ubuntu and new Yocto Project SDK released

On the software front, Gumstix has two great announcements. The first is support for Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet on Overo, DuoVero and Pepper series computers. One of the the world's most popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu offers anyone the ability to get up and running in no time at all. Downloads are available at www.gumstix.com/software/software-downloads

The second is a tutorial from our own Adam Lee on creating user applications using the Yocto Project's SDK. Yocto Project SDK allows users to easily cross compile, deploy and remotely test their application while working within a familiar development environment (in this case, Eclipse). Check it out at Gumstix' GitHub Wiki.

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