Gumstix Pi Compute USB-Ethernet

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Gumstix Pi Compute USB-Ethernet is an expansion board that brings 10/100 Ethernet to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It is ideal for engineers and makers looking to improve the speed and stability of the RPi CM-based embedded network devices’ connection.

Included Components
Raspberry Pi Compute Ethernet and USB

A Raspberry Pi Compute module connected to a USB-Ethernet module. The board has one RJ45 jack and a dual-USB header.

Family Raspberry Pi

10/100 Base-T

USB Device

Micro B USB Plug

USB Host

Dual USB Type-A

Key Components
SODIMM Connector

SODIMM connector to DDR2 200 pin module, such as the Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Connector (Power Jack Medium)

PJ-018H-SMT, medium size (1.65mm), fits EIAJ-2 plug


Connect to an RS232 serial terminal over USB with the FTDI FT232RQ interface

Mating Connectors

Please read the instructions in the README file carefully before starting. Instructions and functions are explained in the file.

Files that are needed (such as bootloader and operating system) to create a bootable disk image, are available below.

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