Use of Gumstix Logos

This page outlines the terms and conditions in using the Gumstix Logos.

As a general rule, do not assume you are permitted to use Gumstix logos.

Except as specifically provided by an agreement with Gumstix, third parties are not necessarily entitled to use any Gumstix logo for any purpose. Even when accurately describing a relationship with Gumstix or support for Gumstix' technology, third parties should not use a Gumstix logo when an agreement is absent. This includes all product logos, the Gumstix corporate logo, and program logos.

No re-logoing, co-logoing or logo removal.

Resellers of Gumstix products may never alter or modify the Gumstix corporate logo or Gumstix trademarks that are affixed to or appear on the Gumstix products they resell. Similarly, re-logoing (replacing a Gumstix trademark with the reseller's logo or mark) and co-logoing (adding the reseller's logo or mark to the Gumstix product) are not permitted in the absence of a written agreement with Gumstix.

Use of Gumstix trademarks with non-Gumstix goods or services:

Only certain, approved uses of Gumstix trademarks may be made by Gumstix business allies, licensees, and other third parties. In addition to the other provisions set forth in these Usage Requirements, the following rules apply to any use of a Gumstix trademark or logo in association with a third party product or service.

  1. No use of Gumstix marks in non-Gumstix company, product or service names.
    Unless a third party enters into an agreement with Gumstix, third parties generally may not use any Gumstix trademark as all or part of their company or product names.
  2. Do not adopt any marks or names that are confusingly similar to a Gumstix trademark.
    Unauthorized use of Gumstix trademarks or of marks that are confusingly similar to Gumstix trademarks may constitute an infringement of Gumstix' trademark rights.
  3. Proper descriptions of non-Gumstix products and services:
    While a third party is not permitted to incorporate a Gumstix trademark into the name of its product or service, it can truthfully and fairly describe its products by referencing their relationship to Gumstix' products and services.

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