Announcing the

“GO Geppetto®” Intel® Joule™ Design Contest

Enter by Jan. 13th, 2017

  • 1 Grand Prize
  • Free $2,000 manufacturing fee for winning design
  • 5 Get To Market Prizes
  • Free $1,000 manufacturing fee for five runner-up designs
  • All Entries
  • Free 1 hour Design Consultation with a Gumstix Engineer

    Enter “Go Geppetto®” today!

    1. Go to
    2. Log in to your Geppetto account or create a free account.
    3. Design a board with Intel® Joule™ module.
    4. Save your design.
    5. Include "Go Geppetto" in the first line of the board description and save.
    6. To receive the free one hour consultation send an email to with the subject: Go Geppetto Consult. The email content should include:
      • Short description of your design - 3 to 4 lines
      • Which of our boards is closest to your ides (if we have one)
      • What changes, deletions, or additions you would like?
      • We will respond within 1 business day and send a sample BSP for your review after the consultation.

    Winners to be selected by Gumstix Engineers and Intel Developers. Contest winner and finalist will be announced Monday, Jan. 30th and receive boards in February 2017.

    Be sure to read the rules before joining! Available Here: “Go Geppetto®” Rules for Entry

    Geppetto®, the future path to market for electronic products is here... simple, fast and no engineering required!

    Designers for the newly released Intel® Joule™ compute module can now design and order expansion boards for the module in a day with Geppetto®, dragging and dropping modules like connectors, LTE and more onto their boards.

    • The Geppetto® pop up menu system guides you through the design to board completion.
    • Simply save and order your design and the Geppetto® automated manufacturing cycle completes the PCB routing, fabrication, sourcing, component purchasing, assembly and board bring up reducing your time and cost.
    • Designers can also choose from a suite of Gumstix expansion boards designed for the Intel® Joule™ module to jumpstart their embedded hardware device.

    Want to learn more about Geppetto Click here for a Meet Geppetto.
    Not familiar with Geppetto? Click here for a Geppetto tutorial.
    Want to design your own AeroCore 2 for 96Boards in Geppetto D2O? Check out this guide from our very own Gumstix Guru!

    Simple online drag and drop design for your Intel® Joule™ module expansion board. Shipped production ready in 15 business days.

    Simple online drag and drop design for your Intel® Joule™ module expansion board. Shipped production ready in 15 business days.

    Gumstix Expands the Intel® Joule™ Power

    The Intel® Joule™ module combines a 64 bit, Quad-Core compute engine with power management services, wireless connectivity and high speed I/O to accelerate users time to market. Gumstix expansion boards provide a multi functional platform for the Intel® Joule™ module with a wide array of multimedia I/O, connections and sensors designed to support IoT development.

    • AeroCore 2 - MAV Powerhouse with LTE
    • Workstation - Power station with HDMI, DSI, USB-Ethernet
    • IoT Sensor Board - Connect to Barometer, 9-Axis, IMU, RGB Sensor, Temperature Sensors with this board
    • HTPC - Small, powerful Home Theatre PC
    • Interposer - Reduce Wear on Joule Module Header Pins

    Buy one of this boards today to kickstart your IoT project or copy and customize in Geppetto® in minutes. It’s simple, fast and all online!

    Now available: Nodana 96BCE for Intel® Joule™ module - first x86-64 board for Linaro’s Consumer Edition (CE) specification

    Coming soon: Radium 96BIE for Intel® Curie™ - first x86-64 board for Linaro’s IoT Edition (IE) specification

    Create and save a free Geppetto® device design in minutes. Test Drive Geppetto Now!

    Have any questions or concerns? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at

    Revolutionary online embedded hardware design!

    Revolutionary online embedded hardware design!