Design your custom board with ease!

Slash Design Time

Start designing quickly with Geppetto’s powerful online design-to-order tool with its intuitive, user friendly drag & drop interface.

Customize a Pre-Existing Design

Choose to design a board from scratch or clone and build from a Design by Gumstix dev board to customize to your exact specifications.

Custom Library and 3D Design Preview

Choose from over 100 modules and see your design with accurate dimensions in real world 3D views.

Design and Save Your Work Online

Don’t worry about losing work. Save your online designs and complete them on your timeline, online, anywhere.


Create the perfect board!

No Routing Needed!

Simply place displays, connectors, sensors, processors. WiFi, GPS, etc. and Geppetto completes your system behind the scenes.

Green light means GO.

Color coded indicators keep you updated on the status of your design. Geppetto confirms your designs and flags missing modules.

Compare Cost

Understand how each module affects your bottom line. Easily optimize for cost without sacrificing critical components.

Hardware Made Easy

Geppetto makes custom hardware easy and ensures optimal software compatibility.



Reduce manufacturing time and cost!

Complete Design-to-Order

Design online, click to order and Geppetto handles it all: PCB routing, sourcing, component purchasing and fabrication of your finished product.

Cost Effective

Build-to-order process offers unparalleled value by reducing your manufacturing costs and production times.

Prevent Mistakes

All Geppetto-manufactured devices are verified before production by Gumstix Engineering.

Get To Market Fast!

20 minute custom design, 20 day device delivery.