Flex Ribbon Cable (White 80mm)

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This flex ribbon cable (CBL047) connects the 27-pin connector (J5) on the top of each Overo COM to a 27-pin connector on a camera board.

Flex Ribbon Cable (White 80mm)

This white flex ribbon cable (CBL047) has been designed to connect between the 27-pin Hirose FH26-27S connector (J5) located on top of every Overo COM and a 27-pin flex ribbon connector (e.g. Molex #502250-2791-C) mounted on a camera expansion board designed for Overo.

  • This 27-pin, 0.3mm pitch cable is 80 mm long.

First available in November 2010, this white flex ribbon cable has been designed in response to customer requests for a more robust, flex ribbon cable.

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