Gumstix is pleased to offer discounts on volume sales orders of 100+ units of a single type of board.

Placing Volume Sales Orders

To place a volume sales order, please follow the Request for Quotation steps and you should receive a quote by email within two business days. If you have placed an order with us before, please send your RFQs to

Payment Schedule

Once you accept a quote, Gumstix will require prepayment of the full, quoted amount prior to shipment, according to the following schedule:

  1. At the time of acceptance: 35% of the quoted total. This will convert your quotation into an order.
  2. Prior to shipment: The remaining 65% of the quoted total.

For volume orders, Gumstix accepts payment by wire transfer only. Your quote will contain the appropriate financial information.

Please note: Gumstix does not accept purchase orders. Volume customers who wish to make a purchase with payment terms may with to contact a Value Add Resellers.

Lead Time

Volume orders take approximately 6-8 weeks from the date on which a quotation is accepted by making the order confirmation payment to Gumstix.


Discounts on volume orders are offered on a per-order basis based on the quantity of COMs or expansion boards ordered and it applies to all volume orders, including those with customizations.

Volume discounts are only available on orders with 100+ units of any single type of COM or expansion boards. Orders containing 100+ units of accessories do not qualify for a discount unless they meet the previous COM/expansion board criterion.

Quantity Of Single Product Ordered Discount On That Product Discount On Related Products In The Same Order
 100 - 479 5% 9%
 480 - 999 9% 9%
 1000 - 2999 14% 12%
 3000 - 4999 21% 18%
 5000 Contact us for discount details and a quotation.

Products qualifying for this discount must be a COM or expansion board.


Products will be shipped within 1-2 business days after receiving the balance on the order (65% of the total). You will receive an email from our system with the sales invoice and tracking number as soon as the boards ship out.

Refunds and Cancellations

Once an order is placed it is non-refundable and non-cancellable. Any payments made for a volume order are non-refundable.

Customized Orders

Gumstix volume customers have a variety of customization options available for their orders. If you have any desired customizations, please include them in your email for a quote request.

The following customizations are available:

  1. Pre-flash custom code

    During the manufacturing process, Gumstix can pre-flash DuoVero, Overo or Verdex Pro COMs with custom software you may have. The cost for pre-flashing is $0.70 per COM.

    Please note: The serial console port should be enabled in all customer code for testing purposes during manufacturing.

  2. Custom components specification

    Computers-on-Modules (COM)

    In a volume order, the price of a computer-on-module can be reduced by requesting that specific components not be installed:

    Component not to be installed Reduce listing price by
    27-pin J5 Connector $1.45
    One u.fl antenna port (for either Bluetooth or WiFi, not both) $0.80

    Expansion Boards

    In a volume order, the price of an expansion board can be reduced by requesting that specific components not be installed:

    Component not to be installed Reduce listing price by
    USB mini-B connector $0.30
    USB mini-AB connector $1.00
    USB mini-A connector $1.00
    HDMI connector $0.75
    LAN (Ethernet) connector $2.00
    WiFi module connector $1.75
    Power connector $0.35
  3. Memory Configuration

    Overo RAM can be populated at 128MB, reducing list price by $8.00.