See4Me Wearable Device wins 1st Place in Go Geppetto Competition

February 14, 2017 | Karen Schultz

Congratulations “GO Geppetto®” Intel® Joule™ Design Competition Winners!

After months of competition, we are happy to announce the “GO Geppetto®” Intel® Joule™ Design Contest Winners!

The Grand Prize Winner, receiving a free $1,999 Geppetto Manufacturing and 2 free boards of the winning See4Me design is Marco Del Pino!

3D Image of the board
See4Me Joule Module by Marco Dal Pino

See4Me Joule Module is a wearable device to help vision impaired people to “see” what’s around using AI and Cognitive Services from Microsoft Azure.

Our 5 Get-to-Market Winners each receive a $1,000 Geppetto Manufacturing Credit and 2 free boards of their winning designs with manufacturing credit is applied, in no particular order.

    Gumstix Linuxium Compute Stick for Intel® Joule™ Compute Module by Ian Morrison
    Compact RealSense Sensor Kit by Roman Sandoval
    Hyper Intelligent Web Service Industrial Dual Ethernet Gateway by Albert Putnam
    IOT x86 Joule Gateway by Kristopher Kubicki
    Self driving car infotainment system by Arun Magesh

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