Nodana connects with Intel® Joule™ for the first non-ARM 96Boards device.

February 23, 2017 | Karen Schultz

Nodana breaks the rules with 96Boards!

Gumstix took all of the components that make the 96Boards Consumer Edition specification great and wired it up to the Joule connectors, to create the Nodana 96Boards Consumer Edition (96BCE) for the Intel Joule module. The tiny Intel® Joule™ module delivers all the power of a quad-core processor akin to the Core-I7s that you can find in your desktop PCs.


Find a full review of the Nodana, 96Boards, and the Intel Joule and see a peak of the new x86 IoT fun at this blog post of our very own Gumstix Guru. Want to get your hands on a Nodana? It’s now available at the Gumstix Store!

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