Design-To-Order Changes the Design Game for Makers and Engineers Alike

November 3, 2015 | Uthra Krishnan

Design-to-order (D2O), is breaking new ground in the old world of EDA, giving makers, engineers and OEMs of all sizes access to the same affordable development resources.

Gumstix is leading the charge in this new realm with Geppetto™, our free online D2O tool supporting Linux and Android, and now supporting connectors for third-party computing modules. BeagleBone Black, Critical Link MitySOM 335X and the Diva CPU module based on Texas Instruments’ Sitara™ AM335X processors are now part of Geppetto D2O platform; designers can use them to create custom expansion boards in an intuitive platform that encompasses the entire process of design, supply chain integration and manufacturing automation. The Geppetto module library has over 100+ modules with new modules continuously added to meet expanding design requirements. Two new Geppetto modules include the low-power Zigbee module for IoT design featuring Microchip’s MRF24J40MA surface mount module and the RoHS compliant eMMC module offering 8GB onboard flash memory.

How does it work? Geppetto D2O creates a logical, modular design environment – enabling a drag and drop approach where ‘blocks’ or modules of functionality can be added to a design using simple click tools. Get a green light when the design is complete and ready for 3D rendering; the completed board is ordered online and verified for proper routing. This is where D2O changes the game – generating the schematic, layout and Bill of Materials (BoM), and ensuring the board is tested for bring-up. PCB printing, component sourcing and the fabrication of the finished product is included, eliminating risk and reducing manufacturing costs and timelines.

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