Announcing Crowdfunding for Geppetto Designs

August 20, 2013 | Andrew Simpson

Gumstix is very excited to announce that everyone in the Geppetto community can now create community campaigns for their designs! As many of you know, crowdfunding is the same model of project funding that has been made popular by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The ability to create campaigns is built directly into Geppetto and our online store.

Users can now take their custom Geppetto designs and run a campaign to see if anyone else in the community is also interested in their design by pledging. The creator of a board sets the number of days a campaign will run for, as well as the number of boards needed for the campaign to be successful. If participants pledge enough boards before the campaign is over, each user pays their proportional share of the Geppetto setup fee (currently $1,999) as well as the cost for each board they order (this varies, but it’s usually close to $50). Another great feature is that, as part of the launch, if more than a certain number of participants join a campaign (right now it’s 50, but this may change in the future) and it’s successful, Gumstix will waive the manufacturing fees altogether, meaning each participant only pays for the boards they order, no setup fee.

Community campaigns are a great way for hobbyists and pros alike to get their designs off the ground. A pledge to a campaign is just a promise to buy a certain number of boards if the campaign is successful; if a campaign doesn’t quite make it, you won’t be charged anything. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Gumstix guarantees that, if a campaign is successful, participants will always receive the boards they order, taking the guesswork and risk out of campaigns alltogether.

Getting started with a Geppetto community campaign is really simple:

  1. crowdfunding-post-1Create or clone a Geppetto design and get it all ready to go by pushing the Gumstix button when it’s done.
  2. crowdfunding-post-2On the product page, click “Launch Campaign”
  3. crowdfunding-post-3Set the number of days and the quantity threshold for your campaign. You should also buy at least one of your own board!
  4. Share your campaign with the general public or with a select group of people that you personally invite – it’s entirely up to you!

Bryan Lunduke, Linux Tycoon over at Network World, published a great article earlier today pointing out that Gumstix crowdfunding means you can now build a custom Linux or Android computer, potentially for as little as $50. Will your design be the first to succeed? There’s only one way to know: try it, and find out!