Argon Design

Argon Design developed a system to test and demonstrate a new range of novel, low power, display interface ICs for the next generation of 2D/3D and Passive Matrix OLED displays for mobile phones and handheld devices. Read about their design and how they were able to outfit their customer with functional demonstrator systems in an aggressive timescale and for lower costs.

Beonic Technologies

Beonic Technologies develops highly specialized people-counting solutions that require custom hardware and low volumes. Read about how Beonic Technologies completely redesigned their Event Logger data acquisition unit using off-the-shelf hardware to modernize the internal technology while significantly cutting inventory costs.


Motion Workshop, a leading developer of inertial motion tracking technology, chose Gumstix to support their Shadow Motion Capture System because of its low power consumption, powerful processor, and WiFi connectivity.

RoadNarrows Robotics

Road Narrows, a robotics and intelligent systems company, wanted to develop a highly-capable robotic arm for research institutions and light industry. The Hekateros arm was the result of using off-the-shelf components in order to minimize their cost while achieving performance comparable to significantly more expensive hardware.

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