AeroCore 2 Autonomous Kits


  • Pre-GO Standard GPS Board
  • AeroCore 2 Control Board
  • u.fl antenna and USB cable
  • Ubuntu system card with ROS




Maximum Sensitivity, Low Power GPS

High precision, low cost GPS, even in hostile GPS environments. Up to centimeter level accuracy starting from $49. Optional external antenna versions for higher gain.

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Robotic Computer Vision

Add video and streaming capabilities over USB or connect a Caspa camera directly to the Overo COM.

Caspa FS: receives full-spectrum light. - $75
Caspa VL: receives only visible spectrum light. - $75

AeroCore for Overo

AeroCore 250 for Overo

Control a small and nimble quadcopter!

Use with an Overo STORM-Y COM for WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 + BLE.
Specifically designed to be 2.5" x 2.5" to fit in small devices.

AeroCore 2 for Overo and Duovero

AeroCore 2 for Overo and DuoVero

High precision, low cost GPS module. Connect and control any device over WiFi with an additional Gumstix COM. Video stream anywhere.


Education and Robotics

Accelerate Education/Robotics Applications

Teach industry-standard embedded systems design.
Program unmanned robotic vehicles or automate robotic machinery.
Learn from and customize best-in-class open-source software for UAVs.


Supercharge Your DIY/Hobbyist Projects

Build a drone or robotic vehicle; control it via any WiFi device.
Home automation with smart systems; lock doors, control blinds, or dim lights.
Connect a camera and stream video wirelessly in real-time.


Secure Military and Defense Applications

Upgrade precision guidance and airdrop systems with centimeter accuracy GPS.
Simultaneously capture data and securely download it. Execute surveillance operations with airborne target tracking.


Streamline Industrial Applications

Monitor data and equipment health simultaneously.
Activate or re-program applications remotely.
Track devices across the globe and improve logistics chains.