AeroCore 2 for Overo and DuoVero

Gumstix AeroCore 2

for Overo, DuoVero, and DragonBoard

$149 - $179

Quickly launch your new drone, robotics or IoT device!


  • High precision, low cost GPS module
  • Connect and control any device over WiFi
  • Video streaming anywhere



Maximum Sensitivity, Low Power GPS

High precision, low cost GPS, even in hostile GPS environments. Up to centimeter level accuracy starting from $49. Optional external antenna versions for higher gain.


Robotic Computer Vision

Add video and streaming capabilities over USB or connect a Caspa camera directly to the Overo COM.

Caspa FS: receives full-spectrum light.
Caspa VL: receives only visible spectrum light.

AeroCore for Overo

AeroCore 250 for Overo

Control a small and nimble quadcopter!

Use with an Overo STORM-Y COM for WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 + BLE.
Specifically designed to be 2.5" x 2.5" to fit in small devices.

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Education and Robotics

Accelerate Education/Robotics Applications

  • Teach industry-standard embedded systems design
  • Program unmanned robotic vehicles or automate robotic machinery
  • Learn from and customize best-in-class open-source software for UAVs


Supercharge Your DIY/Hobbyist Projects

  • Build a drone or robotic vehicle; control it via any WiFi device
  • Home automation with smart systems; lock doors, control blinds, or dim lights
  • Connect a camera and stream video wirelessly in real-time.


Secure Military and Defense Applications

  • Upgrade precision guidance and airdrop systems with centimeter accuracy GPS
  • Simultaneously capture data and securely download it
  • Execute surveillance operations with airborne target tracking.


Streamline Industrial Applications

  • Monitor data and equipment health simultaneously
  • Remotely activate or re-program applications
  • Track devices across the globe and improve logistics chains

Customize with Geppetto Design-to-Order Service

AeroCore 2 on Geppetto

If the layout or board size doesn't suit your needs, you can copy and change it through one of the links below. The AeroCore 2 was built by Gumstix engineers through Geppetto, making this customization possible! Learn more about our custom carrier board service here.

Get the complete set with the AeroCore 2 Autonomous Kit

Aerocore 2 Autonomous Kit

The Autonomous Kit offers all the tools you need for your unmanned aerial vehicle!

$399 for Overo | $379 for DuoVero


  • Pre-GO Standard GPS Board
  • AeroCore 2 Control Board
  • u.fl antenna and USB cable
  • Ubuntu system card with ROS