About Gumstix History

As a global leader in design-to-order hardware and manufacturing solutions. Gumstix® gives its customers the power to solve their electronic design challenges with Geppetto® D2O -- the online design-to-order system-- and a broad portfolio of small computers and embedded boards. In addition to engineers and industrial designers, Gumstix® helps students, educators, and makers unlock their creative ideas to bring them to market. Since pioneering the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module (COM) with a full implementation of Linux in 2003, the company has grown to support over 20,000 diverse customers. Our systems have launched some of the world’s coolest products - from phones to drones - on commercial, university, and hobbyist workbenches in over 45 countries.

Based in Northern California, Gumstix, Inc. is privately held.

Corporate Timeline

2016 Gumstix had 3 important milestones as it expanded into the IoT market:

  1. support for and partnerships with other COM vendors (Intel, Linaro [96Boards], TechNexion, Toradex, Critical Link with additional support for Raspberry Pi boards),
  2. distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics, and
  3. expansion from ARM to x86 architectures.
2015 Geppetto had its preliminary release of non-Gumstix COMs and was pleased to announce adoption for the Botballl® Autonomous Robotics Competition.
2014 Gumstix announced the AeroCore Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Control System and the ability to do crowdfunding for custom Geppetto design on its COMs.
2013 Gumstix launched Geppetto, its design platform for creating embedded systems intuitively.
2012 Gumstix announced the OMAP4430-based DuoVero Crystal COM, the first in its line of next-generation DuoVero computers-on-modules.
2010 Gumstix opened its research and development center Gumstix Research (Canada) Ltd. in Vancouver, BC.
Over 15,000 customers worldwide.
2009 Gumstix launched its Overo Seires of COMs, based on Texas Instruments' OMAP3 Applications processors
2008 Gumstix OpenEmbedded software and new developer site at Gumstix.net launched in a move to provide leading package management and software version control.
2007 Gumstix products purchased by customers located in more than forty (40) countries worldwide.
2006 Lower costs from significant year over year sales growth combined with further supply chain management streamlining was extended to customers as lower product pricing at www.gumstix.com.
2005 Gumstix' first major OEM customers begin product roll-outs.
2005 Gumstix announced its next generation Gumstix connex motherboard with compact flash and 10/100 MBit ethernet expansion boards.
2004 Gumstix entered the wireless world with the announcement of optional Bluetooth® connectivity.
2004 The world's smallest commercially available Linux boards and computers were officially introduced with Gumstix first motherboard alongside the Waysmall computer: about the size of a stick of gum.
2003 Gumstix Inc. founded on the belief that market demand for ubiquitous computing -- particularly products that support open source solutions such as Linux -- will drive requirements for modular device components

Senior Management

W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D. - President and CEO

Gordon Kruberg has been President and CEO since founding the company in October 2003. Over the course of his career, Dr. Kruberg has been involved in over thirty US-based companies as a venture investor, member of the board of directors or executive team (including Chairman, CEO, or President.) Immediately prior to founding Gumstix, Gordon was CEO of Deersoft, acquired by Network Associates in December 2002. His background includes seven years with Grace Horn Ventures, managing investments in software, biotechnology and medical high-technology startups. Gordon holds an A.B. degree in Human Biology, a M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and an M.D. degree from Northwestern University.

Corporate Offices

Gumstix, Inc.
Redwood City, California
Telephone: +1-650-503-3022
(Mon-Fri 9 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific)
Research and Development
Gumstix Research (Canada), Ltd.
Vancouver, BC
Mailing Address
Gumstix, Inc.
3130 Alpine Rd., #288-606
Portola Valley, CA 94028